24: Jonathan Edwards and Tracey Leonard

Jonathan Edwards

Enjoy the following love story of Jonathan Edwards and Tracey Leonard
“I was a junior in high school. Having just transferred out of the town where I had spent all my life, I had no real clue about how to make new friends. My strategy was “find something you have in common -> harp on that as long as possible.” Surprisingly, in high school at least, that worked pretty well. She was a junior, too. We had homeroom together, meaning we had about fifteen minutes every week or so to socialize. 

One day, I noticed her flipping through a book about guitars. As luck would have it, my dad had just recently handed his old acoustic down to me. So we got to talking about guitars, and I found out that she was really cool. The funny little quotes from Eddie Izzard and Billy Connolly helped things along, too, since I was addicted to Comedy Central stand-up at the time. Fast-forward to senior year. Our school had a dance called “Queen of Hearts,” which was basically our big Valentine’s dance. Big deal. Bigger than Prom, arguably. And the thing that made it really cool was that there was an assembly beforehand that served as a combination pep rally / talent show. 
Now, at the time, I fancied myself a pretty good singer. So I asked my friend who played guitar – the girl in homeroom – if she’d like to help me form a band. She said yes, and we began to gather a few more members: a bassist, a drummer, and a keyboard player. Our first practice took place at my house, and she was the only one who actually showed up. We hung around and wrote a couple of songs, and we had a lot of fun doing it. Eventually, we started hanging out more and more on our own. Our band didn’t make the cut for the talent show, but she and I signed up as our own separate acoustic act, and that act did make it. 
We ended up playing in front of a good amount of the school ourselves – and this was a big school, too. Fast forward to today – 4 years later – and we’re still together. Living together, in fact. Nowadays, we still play music together, but we actually have a proper band to accompany us. I can honestly say that the last four years have been the best of my life, thanks to her.”