31: Dr. Jennelle & Jess

Dr. Jenelle & JessEnjoy the love story of Dr. Jennelle & Jess!

Dr. Jennelle who made the choice to completely change her life and choose love back in May of 2012. Big, bold, beautiful, hella complicated, love. Jennelle went from being engaged to her high school boyfriend of 10+ years (captain of the football team and all), no kids, about to buy her first house…To truly, madly, deeply in love with the most amazing friend-of-a-friend who was married, with three kids.

When Jennelle and Jess chose to build a life together, they knew that they would fiercely and relentlessly protect their *we* for the rest of their lives.

And today, nearly 5 years later, getting married in May of 2017 on their 5-year-anniversary, Jennelle and Jess are happily co-parenting their three beautiful children (the Tinies and the Little) in their home just 20 minutes from the ocean, knowing that life is truly crazy beautiful.