Podcast Guest Submission – Share Your Business Story!

Welcome! We are seeking successful entrepreneurs who are willing to share a powerful, personal story that impacted your decision to start, or develop, your business (for about 5-8 minutes). After you share some basic information below, a special link will be provide where you can record yourself using your computer camera.

This theme for the new podcast season has been inspired by the story of an entrepreneurial couple who decided to dedicate themselves to running their own business after one of their bosses tried to refuse to let them leave work to attend to their child, even after explaining their child was in an unsafe situation in their daycare situation. Their business is now thriving, and they will never have to be in that position again.

We are planning on using your recording for our podcast with thousands of weekly listeners, our new Youtube channel.  If you have a microphone you can plug in, that would be great for ideal, audio quality. After you submit your video, we'll send you a follow-up email shortly. If you have any questions, please email Sean@Investey.com!